Common Questions & Answers

Bookings & Delivery

All of our hot tub hires are on 5 day slots minimum. We deliver and install your hot tub a day before the hire start date to allow for the hot tub to fill up (it takes up to 2 hours), water to heat up (it takes up to 20 hours) & chlorinate.

Your hot tub will be delivered & collected anytime between 0800 & 1730 with 1 hour notice from the driver. You will also receive a reminder few days before installation as well as collection.

Our hot tubs vary in size but are very portable, we can get them through the narrowest doors or hallways, so we are never restricted on delivery.


Collection will be on the last day of your hire anytime between 0800 & 1730 with 1 hour notice from our driver.

Please unplug pump and protect the plug from rain or water after your last use of the hot tub. Leave the hot tub full of water with the chlorine dispenser floating inside. This will allow us to inspect condition upon collection.

Please make sure that all hired items are kept near the hot tub so that the collection drivers can identify them easily. We will then perform a partial clean, dismantle and collect within an hour of arrival.


We ask our customers to make sure that a water supply and electricity are made available on installation as we will set it all up and test the hot tub for you that it is working efficiently.

We ask our customers to make sure that they book our hot tubs for an outdoor use only in the private space. Please make sure you use flat and clean surface that is roughly 3m x 3m and that it will hold the weight of the tub and the users. If these requirements are not met installation will be rejected and delivery charge will apply.

In order to fill, chlorinate and test the hot tub during installation we ask that a hose pipe and electricity is nearby. We will start the hot tub fill, test the pump and add the right amount of chlorine to your hot tub.

When installing the hot tub we ask that a person over the age of 18 is present to sign the hire agreement. Our agreement is legally binding and therefore it is important that an appropriate adult is made aware of the safe way to operate the hot tub at all times.

Chlorine can be given to the hirer and not added to the hot tub if we are made aware of any potential health risks of users. Whilst it is the hirers responsibility to ensure safe use, we are happy to allow our customer to chlorinate during the hire.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to set up the Hot Tub?

We advise that you pre-plan where do you want the Hot Tub to be set-up. As the hot tub requires both power and water, we ask that you make sure the hot tub has access to a hose and power socket or alternatively an extension cable (13amp). Although our hot tubs are flexible once deflated, we also ask that you make sure we have full access to where the hot tub needs to go.

Can the hot tub be setup on grass?

In short yes they can, our hot tub range are portable so that they can be installed on all surfaces that are level. That being said we ask that all surfaces are clean and have no elements that can rupture the lining of the hot tubs, such as shingle, loose bark etc… When installing on grass please be aware that it will take the grass some time after collection to repair as it will be subject to the crushing weight of the hot tub.

Can I ask for a specific delivery time?

Unfortunately we cannot be specific on delivery times as weather and traffic conditions can change. However if time is still very important, leave us a note in the comment box at the check out, ie “before noon” or “after 2pm delivery would be best” and we will try and plan this into our route.

How long does it take to set up a hot tub?

Setting up our hot tub only takes around 20/30 minutes. However it takes about an hour to fill the hot tub with water and we advise to leave the heat pump on for at least 20 – 24 hours so that the hot tub is heated to the required temperature.

Can I drink / smoke in the Hot Tub

We advise as a precaution not to take any glass into the hot tub as glass shattering can rupture the hot tub and cause injury to the users. We also advise not to smoke for the same reasons.

Are delivery and collection FREE?  

Delivery and collection is FREE. However for some areas in Essex and Hampshire that are a little further away we may still be able to deliver but will charge a delivery fee.

What do I need to do before the hot tub is collected?

Please unplug pump after your last use before the collection date. Leave the hot tub full of water with the chlorine dispenser floating inside.

Do you use any chemicals when setting up the hot tub?

Yes we do, it is important that chlorine is used to prevent bacteria building up in the hot tub. If any guests are allergic to such chemicals it should be made clear to them that chlorine has been added. You can adjust chlorine output on the floating chemical dispenser. We also clean and replace our filters before every hire for the same reason.