AirBNB and Long Term Hire

About us

For the last 5 years we have been hiring portable quality hot tubs across the south east to both the general public as well as commercial properties. During peak we install and deliver up to 25 hot tub per week across 6 counties in the South East for almost all occasions. Many of these properties are hired accommodation with both guests and hosts reaching out to us for both short and long term hot tub hire.

How does our long term and flexible terms work?

We hire a hot tub to you on either a monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly term, so you can advertise your property as having a hot tub on site. We charge between  £100 – £150 per week (hot tub dependant), payable monthly in advance via debit or credit card.

This payment covers everything you need to maintain the spa, including insurance, parts coverage and regular maintenance as well as chemicals needed to keep the spa hygienic at all times. Our technicians are on call to help with any issues as well as turn up on site to service, repair and replace any damaged parts.

We will train you on cleaning the spa and getting it ready for the next guest, however if you want us to clean, replenish and clean then we charge a flat £50 fee per callout.

Our Hot Tubs are Portable and Practical

We understand that a main concern of a hot tub is the running costs, as well as the space needed to deliver a hot tub and place it, that is why we use the best of the best on the market, whilst still being portable and energy efficient.

We don’t need a lot of space as our range are all flat packed and designed to carry through houses or narrow halls, and once set up will only take 1.8m in circular diameter of your garden or patio, whilst still providing a blast of Hydro Jet bubbles and lighting for your guests.

Why commit to buying

Yes you could buy a hot tub yourself, but we offer so much more, effectively a hassle free way of advertising your property with a maintained spa on site, with only a fraction of the cost of a actual UPVC installed spa which would require regular maintenance, replacement parts and a technician to carry out regular maintenance that could cost thousands of pounds per year.

Book a Rigid Hot Tub on Long Term Hire for 30 days or more


Book a Wooden Tuscany Hot Tub on Long Term Hire for 30 days or more