Last Minute Hot Tub Hire


These hot tubs are available for last minute hire. It may vary in size & style but will be no smaller than 6 person hot tub. Due to the booking being last minute, confirmation will be required by us to make sure we can deliver to your area (we confirm within an hour, if you don’t hear back from us within that time, please call). If your booking is accepted, you will receive an email with a link to pay for your order.

1. We accommodate OUTDOOR HIRES ONLY.
2. Access to a water hose will be required
3. Access to a power supply within 4m will be required (if you need to use an extension, it should be min of 13amp)
4. It takes up to 24hrs for the water to heat up.

Hot tub hire includes: Hot Tub, Matting, Chemicals, Delivery & Installation

Not required but we always recommend using a gazebo, it will protect you from different types of the weather: rain, sun & cold (it helps to retain the heat a little better). It will give you some privacy when needed / wanted (you can have sides on or off).

(As per above; Hot Tub, Gazeboes & extras may vary in colour and sizes, we will confirm with you, what’s available)

Click Here for more information on hiring a hot tub

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