Tuscany Wooden Hot Tub Hire

From: £225.00

This Rigid Sided Hot Tub is ideal for parties, events and family functions all year round. With a capacity to seat up to 8 people, this hot tub is quick and easy to set up and will provide hours of relaxation and fun for any event. Comes Flat packed to fit through any narrow opening or through a hallway.

1. We accommodate OUTDOOR HIRES ONLY.
2. Access to a water hose will be required
3. Access to a power supply within 4m will be required (if you need to use an extension, it should be min of 13amp)

Please note that this specific hot tub takes up to 48 hours to heat up therefore delivery and installation will be done 2 days before your hire start date.

Hot tub hire includes: Hot Tub, Matting, Chemicals, Delivery & Installation

Not required but we always recommend using a gazebo, it will protect you from different types of the weather: rain, sun & cold (it helps to retain the heat a little better). It will give you some privacy when needed / wanted (you can have sides on or off).

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Experience a luxurious and unique bubble massage in a portable spa designed to provide years of independence and safety. Tuscany collection features a clean, contemporary design in a popular, acrylic-standard looking. Plastic wood panel ensures product durability, while its easy installation allows great portability.


138 air jets
Heats up to 42°C
PTC heating technology
External pump with newly designed mini wired controller
Variable speed blower lets you adjust massage intensity between 3 levels Metallic silver plastic wood frame, classic and durable design
Cloudy white Rhino Tech 6 layer reinforced PVC liner for liner tub with silver PVC leather top trim 6 seating with extra seat cushions on the spa floor
Upgraded heat insulating foam mat included
Integrated spa ozone generator
Energy Saving Timer
Anti-icing system

Inflated Size: 1.93m x 1.93m x 0.73m
Capacity: 6 people
Water capacity (80%): 1200L