Hexagonal Hot Tub Hire

From: £150.00

6 Seater Hexagonal inflatable hot tub Hire

This Hot Tub is ideal for parties, events and family functions all year round for up to 6 people. This hot tub is quick and easy to set up and will provide hours of relaxation and fun for any event.

1. We accommodate OUTDOOR HIRES ONLY.
2. Access to a water hose will be required
3. Access to a power supply within 4m will be required (if you need to use an extension, it should be min of 13amp)

Hot tub hire includes: Hot Tub, Matting, Chemicals, Delivery & Installation

Not required but we always recommend using a gazebo, it will protect you from different types of the weather: rain, sun & cold (it helps to retain the heat a little better). It will give you some privacy when needed / wanted (you can have sides on or off).

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Inflatable, portable and super luxurious hot tub. Invest in the Wave Rome hot tub for an indulgent way to entertain guests. This high-pressure drop stitch spa has been designed with ergonomic 10cm thick walls and can be easily inflated anywhere providing unrivalled relaxation in any environment, with the super-sleek black marble design ensuring your garden stays neat and stylish! Easily accommodating two to four people, simply activate the rejuvenating 120 massaging air bubble system then sit back and unwind!

Smart Control Panel to heat up to 40 °C and massage

Rapidly heat your water to your preferred temperature of up to 40 °C. Run the heating and massage system and unwind into pure relaxation.

Spacious Capacity – easily accommodating four-six people

The Wave Rome is the most suitable portable hot tub around – comfortably accommodating four to six people. Whether you’re spending a relaxing evening with your partner or having guests over for a summer soiree, the Wave Rome Spa is sure to become the highlight of any occasion. Simply activate the heating and massage system and sit back and unwind.

120 Massaging Air Bubble System for unrivaled relaxation

The Wave Rome features all of the luxuries that a regular fixed hot tub has, but at a superb value that will not break the bank. Escape the troubles of daily life by simply activating the 120 massaging air bubble system – pure relaxation at your fingertips!

Sturdy and Durable Anti-Cold Vertical Chamber Construction
Designed with rigid vertical chamber walls, the Wave Rome offers all of the advantages a regular fixed hot tub has, whilst still remaining compact and easily portable. The anti-cold, laminated fabric fibre makes the hot tub suitable for use in all environments.